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Welcome to the New York State QSO Party

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NYQP takes place on the third weekend in October

NYQP 2022 is October 15, 2022

News Flash! NYQP 2021 results are live here!

NYQP 2022 Announcement


We are excited to announce that NYQP is getting quite a face lift for 2022! We’ve made a number of changes for 2022, all of which are designed to contribute to making NYQP more fun, encouraging more ops to get on the air for NYQP, and to make the contest more fun for every entrant. The changes are summarized on the rules page, with a bit more detail here:

  1. Added the Portable class. We recognize that many operators make special trips for NYQP that may not fit well into another operating category. We want to recognize these ops for their efforts and encourage more portable activity for NYQP.
  2. Added county line operation for Portable and Mobile entrants. County line operation has become widely accepted in state QSO parties, because it gives single-operator mobiles the opportunity to activate more counties, makes it possible for all entrants a better chance to work all New York counties in the contest, and makes the contest more fun. It makes log checking more interesting, too, and it adds work for the logging software vendors–so be sure to thank your logging software providers (most of whom are volunteers) for their work to support these features.
  3. Expanded the former Mobile class to include Multi-Single and Multi-Multi classes. As more mobile operators take to the roads for NYQP, we want to allow the mobile ranks to expand while providing an opportunity for mobiles to choose a transmitter class that matches their ambition for the contest.
  4. Added self-spotting for Mobile and Portable classes only. One of the main challenges for mobile and portable operators who change location is getting the word out about where to find them. Again, in the interest of providing more people the opportunity to work more counties and more NYQP operators, it was time to add this option for the Mobile and Portable operator classes. We encourage people not to overuse this capability–please be good self-spotting citizens.
  5. Updated overlays and special classes (School is now an entry class rather than an overlay, which aligns better with other contests and logging platforms).
  6. Changed our log submission platform from email (!) to use with the generous support of WWROF. Log submission, log checking, logs-received list, and self-service certificate printing are some of the benefits of this move. This is part of a significant modernization of our log checking process overall, which will allow us to get the results out much faster.
  7. Other minor changes–please read the full rules!

The fully 2022 NYQP rules are posted on the NYQP Rules page, along with a summary of changes.

Full results for the 2021 contest will be posted shortly as well–check in here in within the next couple of days for another update.

Finally, we want to express our appreciation for your patience in the production of the 2021 results. The NYQP website was attacked by ransomware and we had to rebuild from scratch, including the log checking. The only data we had intact was the logs themselves. This process took many months longer than normal. We have taken steps to prevent recurrence. We want to especially acknowledge Dave, WJ2O, who single-handedly reconstructed the log-checking code and made it possible for us to complete the process.

We look forward to working everyone on October 15 in NYQP 2022!

K2UA and N2ZN for the NYQP committee



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