Software Defined Radios

Due to increased interest among RDXA members in software defined radios and the technology, we have been asked to put up a page devoted to software defined radios. We will update the page as the technology evolves. If you have any additional information or links, please let us know at

SDR kits can be purchased (when available) from Tony Parks by visiting his website at . Most of the time, kits are sold out :-( and you will get a “check back soon” in the order column.  This is due to the fact that Tony sells the kits on a first come – first served basis. What I do is use a website called . monitors websites for any changes and e-mails you when a change is detected. If you want to purchase one of Tony’s kits, this is the best way to know when they are available. Log into, set up an account and set it to monitor . These kits sell out quickly (with in hours) so it is best to order one as soon as you know they are available.

We would also recommend that you join the softrock40 group at this is a newsgroup devoted entirely to soft rock SDR kits.

Documentation for building these kits is provided on the website. WB5RVZ has built this site to allow him to provide to hams worldwide the results of his labor of love, the documentation – in a Heath kit style – of the construction of the several “Softrock” Software-defined Radio (SDR) kits designed and distributed by his friend, Tony Parks.

There are many definitions for Software Defined Radio. The essence of each definition is that some or all of the traditional functionality of a radio is handled in software on a computer, rather than in circuitry in a traditional radio. Note that SDR is not control of a radio using software; it is, rather, implementation of a radio in software. If you have never seen or experienced SDR in action, take a look at this Flash video by AC8GY from his informative SDR website.

RF Space SDR IQ –

Rocky –

Winrad –

FUNcube Dongle (FCD)
Hamlib V1.5 08/2011 (for many hardware)
HPSDR (Atlas, Ozy, Mercury)
Perseus Receiver
RFHamFox 1
SCR Preselector
SDR MK1 / SDR MK1.5 ‘Andrus’
Softrock with Si570
USRP / FUNcube Dongle + BorIP network streaming client





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